Plant-based medicines play an integral part in the traditional healing practices of First Nations and indigenous communities around the world. We infuse our candles with ingredients from North America and beyond that promote holistic healing and wellness.


Common name: Sage (Botanical: Salvia)

Sage is most prominently known as a seasoning but its seeds can also be ground into flour or cooked to make mush. Sage adds a grounding note to our candles.

Common name: Bergamot (Botanical: Monarda)

Bergamot spices up our candle blend; the young leaves of this bay leaf substitute also make an awesome tea.

Common name: Lavender (Botanical: Lavandula)

Given the chance, visit the stunning fields of Provence to experience the relaxing mass of sweet, floral notes of Lavender.

Common name: Rosehip/Rose (Botanical: Rosa)

The rose often symbolizes romance and spirituality. Beyond their lovely fragrance, wild rose hips make a great tea while providing a good source of vitamin C.

Common name: Pine (Botanical: Pinus)

The pine species is of great significance to Indigenous peoples of North America; its pitch, bark, cone, root, needle tips are used as either food or medicine. The white pine is symbolic of a time of great peace for the Haudenosaunee.

Common name: Cedar (Botanical: Juniperus)

Known for its healing properties, cedar has also supported food security for Indigenous peoples of North America. Cedar is an important component of the ‘medicine wheel’.

Common name: Sweetgrass (Botanical: Hierochloe)

Sweetgrass, also known as the hair of Mother Earth, is considered a gift from the Creator. The powerfully sweet, earthy scent is extremely calming.

Common name: Sandalwood (Botanical: Santalum)

This class of woods is known for its ability to retain their fragrance for decades. Sandalwood adds an earthy, relaxing undertone to our candle collection.

Common name: Indian Tobacco

Many Indigenous Peoples of North America use Indian tobacco for cultural and spiritual purposes.  It is often used for medicine, ceremony, and as an offering to the Creator or to another person, place or being.