Our Story

Founder and Co-owner Taylor Parker was born and raised at Six Nations of the Grand River territory: Canada’s most populous First Nation. He is a member of the Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) nation, Bear clan and is a proud father. As a member of the bear clan, with a responsibility ‘to take care of the medicines’, Taylor was raised working on the family owned native plant nursery.

In spring 2020, Taylor found himself out of work due to a closed economy and cut off from his son due to restrictions imposed by the global health pandemic. Those that know and have worked with Taylor understand that a large part of his drive and work ethic stems from his love for his young son, Sero.

After several months of personal reflection and contemplation Taylor left Toronto and relocated to small town Brantford, Ontario to be close to his roots - Six Nations of the Grand River territory. Surrounded by Mother Earth’s gifts and reconnected to his community, Taylor fused his knowledge of traditional plant medicine with a desire to inspire calm and wellness and founded FOR4GED Candle Company in August 2020. In spring 2021, FOR4GED Candle Company became a registered partnership.



Our candles are produced in small batches; lovingly hand poured and carefully garnished with local, responsibly foraged and harvested ingredients.

Our candle containers can be reused or recycled and all labelling and packaging is environmentally friendly.